Prof. Pace at

Prof. Pace at Annual Danish European Association- European Community Studies Association Conference 2021.

Today we would like to share the news about one of our SIRIUS partners, Prof.

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"Denmark - Borders Closed"

Documentary "Denmark - Borders Closed"

How does it feel to live in an area that the government has designated as a ghetto that needs to be dismantled? Is it acceptable that too many “non-western” immigrants can make an area a ghetto?

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“New to the EU? SIRIUS wants to make sure you get the job you deserve”a Cordis’ article

We are happy to publish a Cordis article (which is available in 6 languages on the Eu research results website, of which you can find the link at the end of the page) on Skills an

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Danish labour market

Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Danish Labour Market: a summary report.

From 1 January 2018 to this date, the SIRIUS Danish team of researchers investigated the legal, social, economic and political barriers and enablers associated with integration of

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The success of the 1st Job Fair of SIRIUS and SolidarityNow


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ginevra cerrina feroni

Blog - Migrants and healthcare

Migrants and healthcare. Food for thought from Ginevra Cerrina Feroni’s latest publication

By Andrea Terlizzi - University of Florence

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PhD studentship: Social innovation and the health of migrants (Extended deadline)

The Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health at Glasgow Caledonian University currently have a PhD opportunity for the right candidate about the impact of social innovation on migrants in the UK

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GRAMNet seminar series and film series

GRAMNet, Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network, are hosting two events in January as part of their seminar series and film series.

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Africa and Mediterraneo Journal’s latest dossier

Africa and Mediterraneo is a biannual journal addressing issues relating to the culture and society of African countries and the internat

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SIRIUS Policy Dialogue Workshop, Athens

The SIRIUS consortium is organising a Policy Dialogue Workshop on the topic of ''Integration of Migrants and Refugees: A Contested Issue in Domestic and EU Politics and how to address it''.

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