Civil society

Migrants' Integration and Civil Society

Civil society organisations and labour market integration

Our exploration of the latest Sirius Open Access publication today continues with Chapter 5 "Civil society organisations and labour market integration: barriers and enablers in seven European count

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Dr Mattia Collini at Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Science in Prague.

SIRIUS still ‘on stage’: Dr Mattia Collini, from the Sirius UNIFI team has presented his research at Charles University in Prague

On 5 May 2022, Dr.

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The Role of Civil Society Organisations in the Integration of Migrants

New Publication from SIRIUS Partners

It is with great appreciation that we communicate to you the publication of the paper "The Role of Civil Society Organisations in the Integration of Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Ita

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Uni Florence and Uni Parma teams at Villa Vigoni

SIRIUS at Villa Vigoni (Italy) Workshop

The SIRIUS teams at the University of Florence and the University of Parma re-united today to present research findings at the Villa Vigoni workshop 'Going local: migrants and refugees integration

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The Emerging Role of NGOs in the Labour Market Integration of Migrants in Finland

Ilona Bontenbal and Nathan Lillie

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Labour market integration in Greece: Civil society actors managing emergency and transition

Christos Bagavos

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Labour Market Integration in Denmark: Civil Society Barriers and Enablers

Somdeep Sen and Michelle Pace

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Policy Brief on the role of Civil Society Organizations

The SIRIUS project has just released its latest policy brief which presents evidence and policy considerations regarding the role Civil Society Organizations play in the labour market integration o

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SIRIUS civil society enablers and barriers

Latest Findings: Civil society enablers and barriers

The SIRIUS project has today released the latest findings of it's multidisciplinary and cross-national analysis of the labour market integration of migrants, refugees and asylum applicants (MRAs) i

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