"Work, Work, Work..." Legal Frameworks for Labour Integration

Policies for Labour Integration

"Legal Frameworks" is the title of the second chapter of the latest SIRIUS publication "Migrants and Refugees in Europe. WEork Integration in Comparative Perspective" (edited by Prof Simone Baglioni and Dr Francesca Calò). 

The author is Veronica Federico, Associate Professor of Public Comparative Law at the Department of Legal Studies, University of Florence, Italy. Veronica’s publications and research interests focus on African comparative constitutional law, fundamental and human rights, citizenship and migration studies.


"This chapter assesses how far legal frameworks of migration and asylum work as enablers or obstructers of non-EU migrants, refugees and asylum seekers’ integration in European labour markets across the seven countries studied in the book. It does so by gathering and critically analysing information on the political, legal and institutional context of migration governance for each country, and by comparatively discussing national situations. When legal issues are at stake, newcomers’ integration heavily depends on the country they settle in and from the legal status that is recognised to them. In fact, entry and settlement in European countries is subject to strict limitations to non-EU nationals, but such limitations take different shades according to a given European country and a given migrant status."

Please find the chapter and the rest of the Open Access book at this link: https://bristoluniversitypressdigital.com/display/book/9781447364535/ch…;