Waiting for Yesterday - What future for Syrian Refugees

Waiting for Yesterday - What future for Syrian Refugees

Michelle Pace and Somdeep Son, researchers of SIRIUS at RUC University are organising a panel discussion with Professor Ronalde Stade from Malmö University which will be held at RUC University on 29th April.

Ronald will be discussing the report: Is it safe? How Syrian refugees decide whether to return to Syria or not


Approximately one third of Syria’s population has fled the country since 2011. Most Syrian refugees stay in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. In Lebanon, the pressure on refugees to return to Syria has been mounting and is now a key issue in the country’s sectarian political conflict. Lebanon's societal environment is increasingly hostile towards Syrian refugees and constitutes a major push factor. How do Syrian refugees, under these circumstances, decide whether to remain in Lebanon or return to Syria? What information and indicators are most important in their decision-making process? What are the hopes and aspirations of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and other countries neighbouring Syria?

If you want to know more about the research, please download the attached report.