Support from Horizon 2020 Initiatives to Ukrainians

Academic support to Ukrainians

During the last two months, the European continent has relived the tragedy of war and destruction; the Russian invasion of Ukraine - following an estimation by the Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič - will bring to the European Union 5 million refugees by June. 

As a response to this humanitarian crisis, the European Commission has created a package of 4 billion euros to assist neighbouring states in supporting Ukrainian refugees who leave their country. Furthermore, the EU has created a visa scheme allowing Ukrainians to work for up to three years in host countries unhindered. 

In the educational field, the Ukrainians can now study and work in the EU; many institutions at any educational level have implemented projects and initiatives to host people who escape from the conflict. 

We have recently received news from our colleagues about these Horizon 2020 initiatives to help fellow scholars and academics from Ukraine. As well, the SIRIUS project is making its own part in this sense. 

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