The State of The Union 2018

The State of the Union

The State of The Union is an annual event for reflection on the European Union. It is organised by the European University Institute (SIRIUS partner) and it is a unique forum where a diverse group of key actors can gather to debate and reflect on Europe’s most pressing issues.

The 8th edition of the State of the Union took place last week in Florence. Under the title “Solidarity in Europe”, this year conference focused on topics including European economic, monetary and fiscal policies, social investment, migration, defence and security, climate change, and energy.

Two panels focused specifically on migration debates involving policy-makers and researchers.The first panel "Cities and Asylum Seeker Integration: Innovative Practices and (Trans)national" illustrated innovative practices for asylum seekers’ reception and integration levels, from local to the European level. While the second panel "Limits of Solidarity? Narratives and Attitudes towards Migration" analysed the formation and drivers of attitudes to migration and their relation to public debate in different EU countries.

If you had not the chance to participate and you would like to discover more about the event, all sessions were recorded and they are accessible here

For the full programme of the State of the Union 2018, please see link.