Social partners: barriers and enablers

Socia barriers and enablers for integration

This week, we present you Chapter 6 of the latest Open Access SIRIUS publication "Social partners: barriers and enablers"

About the authors: 

  • Simone Baglioni is Professor of Sociology at the Department of Economics and Management, University of Parma, Italy. Simone’s publications and research interests focus on employability, migration and social innovation.

  • Tom Montgomery is Lecturer in Politics at Glasgow Caledonian University, UK. Tom’s publications and research interests focus on youth unemployment, social innovation, social movements and the gig economy.

  • Francesca Calò is Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Leadership and Social Enterprise, The Open University, UK. Francesca’s publications and research interests focus on non-profit organisations, social innovation, migration and social enterprises.



This chapter discusses the role that social partners and social dialogue can play by enabling or not the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the European labour market. Social partners play a key role in labour market dynamics as they contribute towards determining the policy and legal frameworks that shape labour markets, but also the social, political and economic trends in which labour markets are embedded. Therefore, an examination of social partners’ understanding of the newcomers’ capacities and their appreciation of opportunities and challenges to be addressed is unavoidable in any research willing to understand how to facilitate unlocking the employment potential of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. This chapter presents findings from a four-month-long process of fieldwork of interviews with social partners (gathering overall 123 interviews) complemented by an experts’ survey which managed to collect responses from 293 additional social partners’ representatives across the seven countries (Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Italy, Switzerland and the UK).

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