RIME - Refugees' Inclusion Moves Europe


RIME is an Erasmus + project and will last 30 months, its aim is to develop skills and competencies for those who on migrants and refugees' inclusion. 

This is a partnership among Lai-momo (Italy), Fondazione COS Alexandre Glasberg (France), Le LABA (France), Università di Bordeaux (France), Hal Far Outreach (Malta), VisMedNet (Malta), Università di Jönköping (Sweden), EDRA (Greece).

The main outcome of this project is the "Guide du Réfugié" produced in the metropolitan area of Bourdeaux with and for refugees. It is a simple but useful tool to help them in their process of integration. Thanks to its usefulness, many other organizations from diverse countries have asked the creators to adapt it to their national contexts. 

It wants to help refugees who face difficulties in their settlement and integration presenting the legislation on their status and opportunities to facilitate their inclusion. 

Please find more information about the project at this link: