Reflecting on Teaching and Learning on migration related issues: Interdisciplinary perspectives and challenges


Next month, the University of West of Scotland will organise the final conference of a Erasmus+ programme that aims to develop collaborative and interdisciplinary education methods involving academic staff, migrant organizations, undergraduate and postgraduate students.This European programme actively involved partners from Greece, Finland, Poland and the UK (Wales and Scotland) working together on exploring issues of public concern related to migration and developing visual communication tools.

This free one-day conference will take stock of and learn from ways in which we teach and learn about migration. It will apply a broad definition of teaching and learning to include diverse contexts, places and sources where the knowledge about migration is being created and acquired. This holistic understanding brings together academics, creative industries, artists, third sector and civil society organisations (CSOs) as contributors, as well as potential collaborators, who examine the ways in which migration is perceived, discussed and understood.

The event will take place the 26th April from 9.30 to 4.30 at the Lighthouse in Glasgow. For more information and registration please visit here.