Prof. Baglioni At "Limiti Humanities Festival"


Last Saturday (March 31st) Prof. Baglioni was a guest speaker at "Limiti Humanities Festival" at Villa del Grumello on Lake Como.

This festival aims to question and investigate the different meanings of the "Limit" from political, social, economic and human perspectives. 

The conversation with Fabio Cani (Ecoinformazioni), Don Giusto della Valle (Rebbio Parish) and Giorgio Bene (Miledù Social Enterprise) was around the topic of "Limit" and migrations. In this sense, the limit can be the abstract line of borders drawn by states which attribute to them political values but the limit can be also the space where diverse people (migrants and locals) can meet and discover each other. 

Prof. Baglioni's speech was about the necessity to develop any kind of political argument on data and information and not ideological positions. Every nation has to be prepared to figure out which kind of migration and integration policy framework it wants to develop. International migrations are unstoppable dynamics and countries, such as Italy, have to consider how to integrate migrants as a new labour force in specific segments of the national labour market.