Migration Working Group – Parties, Attitudes And Migration


On the 29th of January, Anna Triandafyllidou and Andrew Geddes from the European University Institute is hosting an afternoon with talks from people working on migration, and specifically on the topics of parties, attitudes and migration. Topics will include:

- Populists against International Law: Swiss Lessons in an European Perspective, Gianni D’Amato from the Université de Neuchâtel
- Discovering and Explaining Migration Policy Trade-offs: The Role of Domestic Factors, Caroline Schultz from the University of Bamberg
- Loved and Feared: Citizens’ Attitudinal Ambivalence towards Free Movement in the European Union, Philipp Lutz from the University of Bern and European University Institute
- Immigration, Diversity and Distrust: The Political Consequences of Immigration in Europe, Marc Hooghe from the University of Louvain
- Attitudes towards Immigration across Age Cohorts: Assessing Compositional, Behavioral, and Value-based Explanations, Anne-Marie Jeannet and Lenka Drazanovafrom the European University Institute

Full programme is attached below and to sign up for the event, please see their website.