Migration Studies - Call for Special Issues Proposals

Migration Studies Calls for Special Issues

Dear Colleagues, 

We would like to inform you about this opportunity to collaborate with the international well-established scientific and peer-reviewed journal Migration Studies. As many of you know, this journal is one of the leaders in the field of research on international migrations. 

The proposal for a special issue can help you and your colleagues to focus the attention on a specific topic, raise awareness around it and gather international experts together to discuss it from diverse perspectives and with different backgrounds. 

Migration Studies invite you to present proposals related - but not exclusively - to these topics :

  • Migration and art: the art/activism nexus
  • Climate change, migration and the humanitarian reason
  • Immigrant transnationalism or transnationalism societies?
  • Migration scholarship and policy making
  • Reflexivity, data collection and categorization in Migration Studies

Proposals and queries should be submitted to Thomas Lacroix by 01 October 2022.

Please find all information on the submitting process at the official website