Finding homes for newcomers: Housing solutions for people fleeing the war in Ukraine

Findign Homes for Newcomers

Our Partner SOLIDAR invites you to their next workshop in partnership with ICMPD on December 14th at 2 pm (CET). 

"Finding homes for newcomers: Housing solutions for people fleeing the war in Ukraine" aims to discuss with experts the new pressing challenge of hosting migrants and refugees. 

The housing issue afflicts many countries around Europe and the arrival of migrants and refugees from around the world (the latest are the 4.7 million from Ukraine) has pushed SOLIDAR and ICMPD to reflect on possible solutions.

Despite the great capacity of provision of short-term options, such as the refugee camps, the problem is broader and can open to further risks such as inadequate standards of accommodation or exploitation. 

The workshop poses questions on the housing issues from different perspectives, what are the specific challenges faced by this group and what is needed to address specific vulnerabilities? What is the potential and what are the limitations of different housing initiatives? How can initiatives catering to the immediate housing needs of new arrivals be embedded in a long-term integration strategy?

To discuss them, the workshop will host an interesting group of panellists: 

  • Mr Alexander Wolffhardt, Deputy Director, Migration Policy Group
  • Ms Petra Hueck, Managing Director, International Catholic Migration Commission Europe
  • Ms Katarzyna Przybylska, Managing Member/Advocacy Director, Habitat for Humanity Poland
  • Mr Freek Spinnewijn, Director, European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless
  • Mr Jan Laurier, Vice President, International Union of Tenants

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Image Credit: SPRING.