European Migration Forum – 7th meeting

Launh of the European Migration Forum

The European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee have launched the 2022 edition of the European Migration Forum that will take place in Bruxelles. 

This event is an occasion of dialogue and debate in the areas of policy, research and support for migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. The aim of the Forum is "to enhance coordination and cooperation between key players involved in the multilevel European governance of migration." The forum is an opportunity to discuss the latest updates regarding migration policies but also a moment to reflect on the new evolutions of the migration phenomenon. 

The topic of the 7th European Migration Forum "Youth inclusion: key to successful migrant integration". 

The call for expression of interest is open to all civil society organisations that:

  • are legally based in an EU Member State;
  • have experience in the topic of the Forum, at EU, national or local level;
  • are able to raise awareness of relevant issues in their own constituency, national and European networks; and
  • commit to actively participate in the meeting and contribute to the dissemination of the results of the Forum.

Please find all the information at this link:…