Conference Programme available and open for everyone


The programme for the SIRIUS conference Integrating migrants, refugees and asylum seekers into European labour markets: enablers and barriers have been finalised and can be downloaded below. 56 abstracts have been accepted, which include speakers from all over Europe. We have decided to open up the conference for anyone who wants to come. We have capped the number of participants to 150 so be quick if you want to secure a seat at the conference.

The 6 sessions are:

- Session 1: Labour Economics and Migration: Challenges in Global Markets
- Session 2: Legal barriers and enablers: critical perspectives on legal framework’s challenges and opportunities for migrants, refugees and asylum applicants’ integration in European labour markets and societies.
- Session 3: Labour market integration policies for migrants
- Session 4: The role of the third sector in promoting the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in European societies and labour markets. 
- Session 5: Companies, trade unions and social partners: what roles do they play in enhancing the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum applicants into European labour markets?
- Session 6: Biographies of labour-market Integration

Keynote speakers at the conference include:

Professor Christina Boswell, University of Edinburgh, “States, Unauthorised Migrants, and the Production of Ignorance”
Professor Barbara Oomen, Utrecht University, "Cities of Refuge: the interplay of culture and rights in creating a cosmopolitan citizenship"
Dr Ima Jackson, Glasgow Caledonian University, "Considering the affect of Race, Racism and systemic Whiteness whilst developing a national approach to skills recognition in Scotland".
Dr Amparo Gonzalez-Ferrer, Spanish National Research Council and Spanish Government, “Promoting temporary and circular labour migration to the EU? Policies are not yet up to the task”

Please use our Eventbrite to sign up for a place at the conference.