108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees

World Day of Migrants and Refuges

Today we would like to celebrate the just passed 108th World Day of Migrants and Refugees. 

Since 1914, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates this day to mark a moment of praying and reflection on the human, economic, social and political conditions of those who move around the world searching for new life opportunities, security and peace. This year's title "Building the Future with Migrants and Refugees” presents the main message that Pope Francies would share with the international community about this theme. 

This world day is a reminder for decision-makers and common citizens about the 100 million refugees and hundreds of millions of migrants who live away from their home countries in other parts of the world. 

As Caritas International underlines:

"We live in a time marked by major crises, the pandemic, the ecological and biodiversity crisis, and the conflicts around access to resources. This source of growing inequalities and precariousness has forced millions of people to leave their homes and communities. They are pushed to the road of exile, leaving behind their parents, families, and sometimes even their children."  

Migrations are complex social phenomena intertwined with socio-economic dynamics and, as recently appears more and more evidently, with climate changes. Again from the Caritas International statement, it is possible to know that "recent torrential rains and flooding caused the death of more than 1100 people and the displacement of 33 million people"

As a scientific research project, we would like to join this call and point to the importance to care more about migrants' and refuges' conditions. 

Caritas International source: