Knowledge Hub - Labour Market Enablers and Barriers

  1. SIRIUS Work Package 1 Report - Labour market enablers and barriers; Athena Belegri-Roboli, Panayotis G.Michaelides, Konstantinos N. Konstantakis, Maria Markaki, Theocharis Marinos - National Technical University of Athens
  2. SIRIUS Policy Brief 1 - August 2018; SIRIUM Consortium
  3. SIRIUS Working Paper No.2 - November 2019
  4. Keeping the Italian agri-food system alive: Migrant farmworkers wanted! - April 2020; Open Democracy: Letizia Palumbo and Alessandra Corrado
  5. Displaced Migration and Labour Market Governance in Scotland: Challenges and Opportunities - 2020; Nasar Meer, Timothy Peace and Emma Hill
  6. The future of work in the post-Covid-19 digital era - April 2020; Maria Mexi
  7. Studying Enablers and Barriers in Labour Market Integration Dynamics for Non-EU Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers: The SIRIUS Conceptual Framework - December 2019
  8. Unlocking Refugee Women’s Potential - July 2019; RescueWorks: Raiyan Kabir and Jeni Klugman
  9. Jobs in 2028: How Will Changing Labour Markets Affect Immigrant Integration in Europe? - October 2018; Meghan Benton and Liam Patuzzi

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